2017-04-13 06:43 ET – News Release

Mr. Daniel Japiassu reports


YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. has released a new project for Bob’s, one of the most traditional fast-food chains in Brazil, that recently celebrated its 65 anniversary alongside its franchisees by taking a dive into virtual reality. Bob’s, the Brazilian fast-food giant, created a concept store through Virtual and Augmented Reality. Store owners were invited to the brand’s biggest event in Brazil and experienced an immersive 3D exhibition in order to learn more about the project.

With over a 1,000 stores in three countries, Bob’s is the third largest fast-food chain in Brazil, where they are part of the BFFC group which also owns KFC and Pizza Hut. For their 2017 convention, they invited more than 1,000 franchisees and their families to introduce them firsthand to Bob’s new concept store. YDreams Global was Bob’s creative and technology partner for this experience.

The public received Virtual Reality (“VR”) goggles for a deep immersion experience. With a simple head movement, they could explore the entire 3D environment of the new concept store and choose specific points whenever they wanted more details.

The 360o scope of the VR environment brought everything to life right from the main entrance and it was possible to interact with hotspots to learn more about the new concept store and its features. “The idea was to display the new store in a creative way, since it will be the main model for future stores of the Bob’s brand,” stated YDreams Global’s CEO, Daniel Japiassu. “The client’s efforts in seeking innovative solutions, alongside our experience in implementing projects such as this with short deadlines, were key to a successful event. This concept could be a strong recurring growth driver for YDreams in the future and highlights our continued ability to work with Fortune 500 companies and highly recognizable branded companies.”

At the YDreams booth, the public could also view the new store’s plan through an Augmented Reality (“AR”) application. According to YDreams CEO, “VR and AR experiences are a perfect way to demonstrate YDreams’ “Sensorial Technology” business pillar in a more engaging fashion. We feel that a conventional presentation would not convey the intended message for this project. By showcasing the new store through VR and AR, the public had a much better perception of the end result and all the effort made by Bob’s.”

Ana Venancio, from Bob’s Development Division, stated: “The event was really a success; I believe we reached a new level in the way we showcase and present our business.”

About YDreams Global

YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. (www.ydreamsglobal.com) is a technology company with offices in Vancouver, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, that combines Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology, Design, and Intelligence to respond to the challenges and demands of today’s users and consumers.

YDreams Global works as a partner for companies and brands to reframe their strategy through relevant human-centred ventures that integrates digital experience with the physical presence and venues. YDreams Global anticipates future challenges and connects them with the needs of the market, building innovative concepts and delivering them with international excellence.

YDreams Global have developed over 1,000 projects for clients all over the world, such as Adidas, Cisco, Nokia, Nike, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Santander, AmBev, Qualcomm, Unilever, City of Rio and Fiat.

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