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Why Did These 3 Companies Rise So Much?

Why Did These 3 Companies Rise So Much?
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We are delighted to be in this position to research and bring you highly prospective investment opportunities which we feel have amazing growth potential.
Recently, we have been inundated with many companies requesting access to our valuable subscriber base.
It is difficult to analyze each and every company to evaluate low risk/high reward opportunities – however, we are very happy we took the time to research and partner with the following 3 success stories.

A lot of my subscribers have been asking me to move to a paid service and thus far I have declined so I can continue to provide everyone an equal opportunity. In the future I may elect to offer a premium service.

Why Did These 3 Companies Rise So Much?



As our loyal readers know, we have been covering MX Gold for quite sometime. What makes the story more compelling now is the fact that they are expected to be in production on one of their four properties shortly.


Possessing an experienced management team has proven to be THE differentiator between a good company and a great company – especially one that is going into production.


A company in this position needs experienced production people. How about someone who ran one of Goldcorp’s biggest gold mines, namely Penasquito and was in charge of 1400 people? MX Gold possesses  such a person and that is Bert McPherson (please see his bio below). The industry connections Mr. McPherson brings are invaluable. I am speculating that the company will be announcing more acquistions in the future making it a juggernaut in the junior mining space and MX Gold Corp. continues to be one of our top picks.

I updated the company last week – the three paragraphs are below in italics.

“The company is VERY aggressive in its pursuit of production. At the helm is one of the top mining names in Bert McPherson.

Mr. McPherson has most recently been the mine manager of Goldcorp’s Penasquito mine in Mexico, having over 1400 employees directly reporting to his office. The Penasquito mine is Mexico’s second-largest mine and is its largest gold producer. He also held high positions with Teck and Barrick.

What this translates to is the basic fact that Mr. McPherson is very connected and can bring great properties to the MX Gold arsenal.


Gold is on an upswing and with four potentially producing properties (we expect at least one this year), so is MX Gold. We speculate the the company is not finished in the acquisition department.


One thing that investors need to be cautious about is the extreme volatility of the stock. It is one of the more extreme cases in the junior mining sector rising from $.12 to above $.35 then back down  and now above $.20. I believe this has a lot to do with the volatility in the price of gold, the recent acquisition (which propelled the stock price) and traders.”


  1. MGX Minerals (CSE: XMGFKT: 1MGOTC: MGXMF)


I am sure by now you are well aware of the company and are either happy that you bought in early or are kicking yourself. Recently we said, “we love this company and its technology” – the stock was trading at $.60/share. In October of 2016 you could have picked it up for around $.15/share. It closed Monday at $2.50/share.


The company ‘is for real’ and possesses a disruptive technology. The question remains on the input costs associated with the extraction of lithium from the oil waste. We are expecting the numbers to come out soon. At that point, we will be able to better eliminate what we see as typical market hype associated with the technology, and offer a truer analysis.


Another big coop for president Jared Lazerson is the immediate announcement of Marc Bruner as Chairman and head of US acquisitions of Petro Lithium. Mr. Bruner has a stellar record in the unconventional oil and gas business and as amassed many hundreds of millions in the process!


Detailed Biography:


Over the past 30 years, Mr. Bruner has founded and held directorships with numerous oil and gas companies, making him a leading expert in unconventional oil and gas development in North America and internationally.


Mr. Bruner was previously the chairman and chief executive officer of Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. and served as Ultra Petroleum’s founding chairman where he was involved in developing the Pinedale Anticline in Wyoming, which is now recognized as one of the largest unconventional natural gas fields in the United States. While serving these companies, Mr. Bruner oversaw negotiations and contracts with global oil and gas companies including Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, Questar Gas and Hess Corp. Previously, Mr. Bruner founded Pennaco Energy Inc. to explore and develop coal bed methane properties in the Powder River basin of Wyoming and Montana. In March, 2000, the company was sold to Marathon Oil for $550-million (U.S.).


Mr. Bruner established Ultra Petroleum in 1996 to develop the unconventional oil and gas project in Wyoming known as the Pinedale anticline, one of the largest natural gas fields in the United States. During his tenure as chairman of the board, Mr. Bruner conceived and negotiated 37 different contracts that formed the core value and principal asset base of Ultra Petroleum Corp. During his tenure Mr. Bruner grew Ultra to a market capitalization in excess of $7-billion and completed deals with global oil and gas companies including Halliburton Corp., Burlington Northern and Questar Gas.


Mr. Bruner founded Pennaco Energy Inc. to explore and develop coal bed methane properties in the Powder River basin of Wyoming and Montana in 1997. In March, 2000, the company was sold to Marathon Oil for $550-million (U.S.), having grown from an initial capitalization of $1-million (U.S.).


After founding Falcon Oil & Gas in 2005, Mr. Bruner served as the company’s president and chief executive officer until 2010 and oversaw its market capitalization rise to in excess of $3.7-billion. In 2011, Mr. Bruner established Australian-based Paltar Petroleum. The unconventional oil and gas exploration and development company is focused on exploiting its assets in the Beetaloo basin undeveloped shale deposits.


See full release, click here.


Why would Mr. Bruner join MGX Minerals possessing a stellar resume as he does unless he saw the true potential of the company?

It will be exciting to see how the MGX story unfolds…we were the first to bring it to you and will continue to do so.



  1. Nexus Gold Corp. (NXS.V) (OTC:NXXGF) (FFT.NGE)


On December 5, 2016 we wrote our first piece on Nexus Gold.

The stock was trading at around $.07/share and closed on Monday at $.305/share. This is a realized gain of over 400%. The company has been fortunate to sample some very high grades:





Just like the two companies featured above, Nexus Gold also possesses an experienced and successful management team. I have spoken with both President Peter Berdusco and Chairman and COO Alex Klenman on a number of occasions. Both gentlemen understand the public markets – and how to market a great story!


Many exploration companies are run by geologists who have less focus (and experience) regarding the business side of the company. They refuse to give up the reins of their company to more competent individuals partly due to their attachment and partly because of their own pride and ego.

Fortunately for shareholders of Nexus Gold, not only do Mr. Berdusco and Mr. Klenman understand the geology, they understand marketing. It is a pleasure to be working with the two of them.


We will keep you informed on the company including results of future drill results.


Disclaimer: We have been compensated by the company’s above. We are biased. Always perform your own due diligence.


Happy Investing!


Dr. Kal KoTECHa




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