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We are introducing You to a Dream!

We are introducing You to a Dream!
Color shot of a young woman looking through some VR glasses, a device with which one can experience virtual reality on a mobile phone.
Ever since the dawn of time people have been delighted by new technologies. Take the wheel for example. Historians estimate that the wheel came into use around 5000 B.C. in what is now Iraq, and was probably first used to make pottery. Now it is such a part of our daily lives that we couldn’t do without it! That is the value of innovation.

The much earlier appearances of cloth, cutlery, earthenware pottery, bronze age tools, iron and steel (as early as 4000 BC), steam engines, cars and airplanes all the way to space vehicles have created a tremendous sense of wonder and engagement and were all considered cutting edge at the time they were invented. Many inventions have remained with us and many have ended up in the trash bin of history. One thing is certain – new technologies which enhance people’s lives are always welcome additions and will continue to be as long as they enhance peoples lives.

We are happy to introduce you to a company where you will see the inventive spirit of which we are speaking in action.

In fact, we have rarely seen such exciting use of today’s latest communications technology as we see utilized by technology and design company YDreams Global Interactive (TSX.V:YD).

With over 1000 projects in 30 countries, YDreams is a cutting edge yet mature company delivering satisfying customer experiences worldwide! YDreams is also the first Brazilian based technology company to be listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

They are also co-listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE: APYYD). This public listing enables them to raise money and expand their operations even further. In fact they recently announced their first project in the United States.

Think of immersive technology where you become a part of the exhibit in various ways. You may be participating in a World Cup Soccer game by putting on a virtual reality mask. You may use gestures with your hands and arms to move shapes around a table on a screen in augmented reality. These shapes don’t exist in the real world of matter but they are very real on the screen. They can engage and entertain you or they can educate and train you.


One of the best descriptions we have seen comes from spongeuk.com:

Augmented reality (AR) brings together the real and the digital world, allowing computer-generated images, information and data to be superimposed over what you can see around you. The earliest form of technology dates back more than 50 years, but the term augmented reality is believed to have been coined in 1990 by Professor Tom Caudell, then a researcher with Boeing.

One of the first commercial applications was the yellow “first down” line which was superimposed on the playing field during televised NFL games.


VRS.ORG.UK describes virtual reality this way:

Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions.

Virtual reality almost always involves donning a mask or set of glasses and becoming immersed in a computer generated world which may be extremely realistic or may have been designed as a fantasy type setting or a combination of both.

YDreams has created virtual environments which include allowing people to virtually participate in a World Cup soccer game during the 2014 event hosted by Brazil. The applications for this technology are much wider than just entertainment however as VR has been found to be valuable in architecture, sport, medicine, the arts and more.

The innovative use of cutting edge technology has allowed YDreams to carve out a prestigious name in the cluttered feast of technological offerings which is our world today. Winners of multiple awards and beneficiary of extensive international press coverage from the likes of Wired, Business Week and CNN and more because they create new and highly effective ways for some of the biggest brand names to interact with and engage their customers.
Companies such as Coca Cola, Intel, Cisco, Audi, Adidas, L’OREAL, Fiat, Michelin, Unilever, Nike, well… you get the 3D picture!

Cutting through the ever growing noise by winning awards such as the Auggies Award in 2010 (considered the Oscar for augmented reality).
Several other prestigious awards including the Gold Award for Environments by the Industrial Design Society of America in 2004 clearly show that YD have been recognized as being experts in their field for quite some time.


This is not a start up company, as we mentioned they have already implemented over 1,000 projects.

YDream creations and collaborations may take the form of flagship stores, immersive exhibitions, interactive media, mixed reality and ambient intelligence!
Advanced ways of linking customers and people to real world user experiences is their stock in trade, and they are very good at it.

For example a successful collaboration with Cisco Systems Inc. (Q:CSCO) one of the biggest tech companies in the world,  the Cisco Urban Innovation Legacy Project was implemented to create a Smart, Human and Connected neighbourhood in Porto Maravhila Brazil (video is here: https://youtu.be/QzNNTNPmA1I).
Utilizing IoT (Internet Of Things) along with advanced real world location data collection and users smart phones together in a collection of technical expertise to enhance the everyday  experience of being in the city. Cutting through the city clutter to show people the best things on offer through innovation!

Fun Fact: “Battleship” was one of the first board games to be converted to a computer games way back in 1979!  (source: Buzzfeed.com)

Going further back in time game playing has arguably been with us since the dawn of human consciousness…
YDreams realizes that a big part of engaging people with a brand involves allowing them to interact via game playing.

Beverage giant Coca Cola appreciates this and in fact YDreams has built a number of fun highly interactive projects for Coca Cola.

These include the Coca Cola Happiness Factory focusing on gesture based activities and the amazing Casa Coca Cola in 2014 which allows participants to don a virtual reality mask and virtually participate in a 2014 World Cup game for a full fifteen minutes.
This delights participants to no end! You can see the happy faces here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQt6Vw8nCjY).

The 2014 Coca Cola FIFA Fanfest booth also kept people actively engaged with fun interactive technology offerings. Clearly they are on to something which pleases the biggest beverage company in the world.

YDreams was also enlisted by Fortune 500 company Qualcomm  (Q:QCOM) to feature Qualcomms latest IoT technology at Futurecom 2016, Latin America’s largest telecommunications fair.
Their highly interactive booth delighted visitors and ensured they would perceive Qualcomm in a memorable fashion. (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7Ku6O-HWec)

A Sensorium Frangrance Advisor for perfume leader L’OREAL enhanced the shopping experience for this company by helping them design a kiosk project which was unique in the world aiding customers to choose a fragrance perfect for them. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoU7V9rig-s)

Some of YD’s latest projects include providing augmented reality for the largest aquarium in South America.
You can create your own virtual fish which will follow you to various mall locations. This is the augmented reality portion of the aquarium, spread out in malls around the regions.
These are very unusual innovations which most of us have not seen before and the company just keeps knocking them out. Even Leonardo Da Vinci might have liked this one! Certainly Jacques Cousteau would have…

All of this great advancement speaks to a team of highly creative people who have come together to deliver these high quality interactive experiences.
Innovation Innovation Innovation!

As we mentioned earlier, history has shown us that new technology delights people and keeps them coming back for more, plus leaving them with a positive impression of the brand.


Another Fun Fact: We all know the game Monopoly. Well it turns out that Parker Brothers prints 30 times more  Monopoly money each year than the United States prints real money!

(source: Buzzfeed.com). So clearly games are a big part of our focus.


Speaking of cutting edge technology one of the initiatives YD is focusing on in the immediate future is the explosive virtual reality gaming business.
They have created a unique VR Gaming Division and in fact were just invited to join the prestigious VR/AR Association (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Association).

The  VRARA has an extended platform network which already reaches over five million already so this is a great head start for YD, not to mention access to other companies in the VRARA network such as Samsung, Orange, USA Today Network, New York University, Sears, Lowes and Walmart.


YDreams plans to work on multiple Virtual Reality projects and since they recently completed a capital raise of $600,000.00 at .20 cents per unit they are set to move forward in this exciting area. They are planning to make 2017 their breakout year for VR.
On December 16, 2016 the company announced their first reality licensing project in the United States with Natura- a first step into one of the biggest markets in the world.

They also recently announced that they are working on a military, police and fire services training platform using augmented reality.

They have realized the platform can also be used to develop applications for the entertainment industry.
We say excellent dual usage of resources management!

Their team is youthful and energetic and clearly they are passionate about the work they are doing. A slogan on their website states that YDreamers are:

“The right balance between dreamers, thinkers and doers.” We agree wholeheartedly!

YDreams has approximately 54 million shares outstanding and is trading around $.35 (CAD) range (as of early this week) which gives them a market cap in the range of $20 million (CAD).
Clearly there is a huge room for growth since virtual reality and augmented reality technology is just getting started.

According to the blog at www.digi-cap.com investment in AR/VR was more than $2.3 Billion over the past 12 months and revenue of both together is estimated to reach more than $100 Billion

by 2021!! Clearly this is an explosive growth industry and we see the experience YDreams has in this industry as a big help.


Today’s wired world demands inventive use of technology at every step and this company is way out in front of the pack. Their stellar client list bears this fact out.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Please visit their website or follow the links provided to see why we are so excited about the prospects of this company!

Happy Investing!

Dr. Kal KoTECHa



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