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MOBI724 – Marketing at Payout

MOBI724 – Marketing at Payout
We are introducing you to another fintech company MOBI724 (CSE:MOS). We want you to take note that we feel this company has potential but is not the juggernaut First Global is in the Fintech space as First Global is a real anomaly.

We like the fintech space and I was contacted by MOBI724 about6-weeks ago. The stock was then trading at $.15. I needed time to watch and assess. I feel the company has future potential but I feel the company needs more affiliations and sales. Not every stock will initially be a home run stock …sometimes advancing base by base is a good strategy. Analyzing the company as they advance is prudent.

The company has opportunity and needs to carve out its niche concisely. After speaking with president Marcel Vienneau, he assured me that he is looking to broadcast the MOBI724 story as news releases and revenues come in. (more on my conclusion below)
Famed American scientist Linus Pauling was quoted as saying that the best way to have a good idea was to have a lot of ideas.

MOBI724 (CSE:MOS)  is a Montreal based fintech company which has taken this concept a step further. MOBI Website

They have combined several existing ideas into an innovative payment system which takes advantage of mobile technology to interact with customers at the exact POS (point of sale).
MOBI724’s software platform hosts what they refer to as a
“card-linked offer and digital marketing service”.

Many companies can process payments but in addition to processing payments MOS has added layers of intelligence on top to integrate their payment system with a marketing platform.
This means that merchants can upload their special offers or rewards on to MOBI724’s platform and then link to a customer’s payment card. Subsequently the customer is alerted to specific deals via a mobile device – either SMS, email or an APP, and if he/she accepts the offer, the discount value is applied to their bank account and appears as a statement credit.

The great thing about this is that special offers can happen seamlessly, eliminating most of the cost of traditional advertising or flyer creation.
And the customer no longer has to research flyers and clip out coupons and remember to bring them along to the store etc.
As we noted the system combines several very good ideas simultaneously.

This patent pending system also allows customers to redeem gift cards or loyalty points at POS. This decreases the fulfillment cost for gift card issuers, another plus. The gift card business is enormous, approximately $400 Billion in 2015 according to an article at inc.com. The article also states that approximately 30% of gift cards go unredeemed, which amounts to a huge waste of money. Having these cards available in digital form could very well be one of those behaviour changing technologies which prevents many wasted dollars. We can begin to see how this combination of technologies could have far reaching effects.


For Banks:

For card issuers and banks, this creates loyalty and brand awareness as well as increased usage of cards by existing customers. This also leads to other benefits such as the ability to send special offers to their customers, increased spending. Also they are able to build databases for analyzing spending patterns and other business attributes.

For Merchants:
For merchants the linked cards have the benefit of risk-free advertising, they don’t have to train anyone in sales and they can use their existing terminals.
They are able to influence their customers at the POS (point of sale) in real time and realize a return on the investment in the technology in real time. They are also able to keep track of customer information which can be very valuable data to have.

For Customers:
Customers no longer will have to worry about searching for coupons and carrying them along since the offer will be linked to their credit or debit card and delivered to their mobile phone at the POS. They will receive personalized offers which they can redeem instantly and enjoy saving money  effortlessly!

The Platform

Their platform is cloud based and designed to integrate with existing systems and the company has filed patents in various countries. The leap of digital marketing they have made allows companies to provide digital incentives in the form of Card-Linked Offers, mobile coupon and loyalty rewards.

To take a quote directly from the company website:

Its solutions enable card issuers, banks and retailers to create, manage, deliver, and “track & measure” incentive campaigns worldwide, and allow their redemption at ANY point of sale.

Through their 1Q7/24 division the company can also offer tailor made loyalty programs, automated communication systems, customer relationship management programs and integrate a loyalty system into an existing POS system. We would expect that this company has a full range of support services to offer if they are able to implement such a large rollout as the deal they just announced on Feb 17/17. IQ 7/24 Website


The company just announced on Feb 17, 2017 that they have partnered with CredibanCo, a Columbian bank which has more than 172,000 point of sale locations throughout the country.
Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. (CSE:MOS)  is off to a very good start for 2017. Having raised enough operations money in the last half of 2016 to see them through to what looks like solid revenue and earnings they have just signed a very big deal to surge ahead with their plans.



MOS has a very experienced management team with deep connections in South America, which is likely why they are able to launch such a large initiative in Columbia. Each member has at least 15 years in their respective disciplines with a focus on telecommunications and fintech.
CEO Marcel Vienneau has 20 years of experience in the loyalty and rewards industry. That could explain how they came up with the novel idea of targeting the point of sale as the deal closing moment.
Over the past 9 months management has raised $2.5 million dollars and generated over 700% in revenue growth. This was done after a restructuring of the former incarnation of the company known as Hybrid Paytech World Inc.
This is a very handy feature if you are a merchant or customer and it could very well be one of those technological advances which has a decided effect on the behaviour of people at the checkout counter. It certainly seems like it should save consumers money and everyone likes that.
The fintech sector has been exploding and we feel that now is a great time to roll out a finished product which is going to make life easier for all parties involved in the “set location” payment world.


MOS has approximately 143 million shares outstanding which upon comparison to other companies in the fintech sector at their stage seems like a reasonable amount to expect.
Building such a unique platform takes time and expertise.
Revenue growth is obviously the next goal and this could quickly be achieved if they can add more customers such as CredibanCo. Obviously if they can add more customers with equivalent or even larger user base size they will be growing at a very fast pace!

It may not do your laundry but this payment system has taken several separated systems and integrated them together in a seamless fashion and we think they will be able to grow their revenue quite quickly as the industry learns of the advantages of their system.



Marcel said in the recent web call that Mobi724 will, “more than double our revenues for 2017. My personal objective is to have a company generating $50M in 3 years”

Marcel Vienneau says “The integration with VOP – Visa offers platform  is going as per plan”.

The company also announced news today signing a commercial deal: click here

With about 143,000,000 shares+ outstanding the company will need to ramp up sales/revenues and partnerships which they are doing. The KEY I see here is being patience. Management is strong and the company is executing. It is also in a promising space. I remain patient.

Happy Investing,

Dr. Kal Kotecha

Disclosure: Mobi 724 Solutions is a client and we are biased. Do your own due diligence


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